So I am back in the full swing of running my Itty Biz  as a jewelry designer/manufacturer/seller – okay yes I do it all.   I decided to post today because I have had one of those action packed do a little bit of everything kind of days and that pretty much sums up running a small  business!  I got into business 0 those many years ago – because I liked to make jewelry and the entrepeneur in me cannot do anything just for fun so here I am. 

 I am getting ready for a trade show in Atlanta in July and I feel like I have no clue what I am doing which is how I feel on most days that I am not just making jewelry.  Today I cleaned out a dog crate which I am hoping to ship my stuff in (I am into that whole reduce, reuse, recycle thing) I am spray painting frames, building displays, faxing orders for a trade show – which is a job in itself in some places! Not to mention my kids are out of school so there is running them around/entertaining them, oh yes and I got a little exercise in there

recycled venetian glass beads and seed beads
Reduce Reuse and RECYCLE

 because mama has to take care of herself.  At the end of it all – I have had a great day!  And it’s the kind of day I can look back on and appreciate why I do what I do – I get to tackle a new challenge almost every day and I get to be around for my kids.  Perhaps tomorrow I will actually make some jewelry!

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