Mt. St. Helen’s

Happy 4th of July!

We enjoyed a sightseeing day today.




Betty visits Mt. Saint Helens

We were here 12 years ago and at that time the devastation of the volcano just left us speechless. It is interesting to see how much it has come back in these 12 years. I know I can’t even fathom what it looked like when it first happened in 1980. We had a beautiful clear day and fantastic views.



We then headed up to Everett WA all 3 of the kids are really enjoying the ride We watched the fireworks from our hotel room Chilli did not care for them!

We travelled 264 miles on the 4th and we are up to 12 VW campers.

We are headed into Canada today, Vancouver to do some thrifting at Madeleine’s request.

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