2nd attempt good samaritans of juneau

I wrote this story once before and it disappeared. You probably wondered what the title had to do with anything on the other post. Well here is our Alaskan adventure story.

So we are in Juneau and we decide to camp in the state park rather than an RV park. The facilities are not as nice but the sites are very wooded and pretty.




So we set up camp and the girls take Chilli for a walk like they always do but they decide to walk in the woods behind our campsite. Well Chilli is very excited to be in the woods and gets himself tangled in the trees and then manages to wriggle out of his collar. This is not usually a big deal but somehow he takes off and the girls come back and tell us they can’t find him so chris starts looking for him with the girls. This goes on for a bit longer then I decide I should also join in the search. So Madeleine shows me which direction he went and we head off through the woods with olivia right behind us. Of course I was not thinking of how far we might get away from camp so we took off with no phone in the drizzle where there are bears in the woods.

It turns out There are a couple of houses behind the campgrounds about 100 yards from our site, you just can’t see them through the thick woods. Madeleine had already told one of them what was going on so she knocked on the other guys door this is Shane- and we explained that we had lost our dog Chilli. He hadn’t seen him but he told us what direction we should try and that all the neighbors were very dog friendly. So we head off through this very woodsy neighborhood knocking on doors. In the meantime we are calling for Chilli and whistling but getting no response.

Finally we hear him barking so we head in the direction we think it’s coming from but we don’t see him so Madeleine knocks on the door of a house nearby and it turns out they had seen him barking at someone on the road and running down the road so we headed off in that direction. After a but more searching it is just beginning to get dark and I’m not sure how far we are from our campsite so I decide I should go back and get the car, but we don’t want to lose our lead on Chilli so I point the kids in the direction they should go, tell them to stay together and start running back to our campsite. I get Into the woods behind the Shanes house and I cannot find the campsite.

Here we are in Juneau in the drizzle I’ve left my kids on the side of the road looking for our lost dog that is my third kid I don’t know where chris is and i am lost in the woods and
where bears live. It is not a good feeling having your family all spread out like this. Finally I manage to back track through the woods and find Shanes house. He walks me back to our campsite I get my phone, chris is not there and I realize our camper is all set up so I can’t drive it to go get the kids so I ask Shane if he will take me to pick up my kids. As we get in his truck I see I have voicemail from an Alaska number. It’s Madeleine and she tells me they are with some people that are helping them and she tells me what street they are on. As we head over there I call the number back and a woman tells me they just dropped the kids and the DOG back at our campsite! I tell her that Iove her for helping us out.

We are finally all reunited at our campsite. I think our whole adventure took just over an hour but we are all exhausted and emotionally drained. I have to credit Madeleine for her persistence and Olivia for her positive attitude and we will never forget all of the good Samaritans of Juneau that helped us in finding our “little buddy”. And fortunately there were no close encounters with any bears.


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  1. OMG! It is wonderful that there are people out there that don’t even think twice about helping others. What a stressful situation. Thank goodness it all went well

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