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My "Lost Earring" Policy

My “Lost Earring” Policy

Yesterday I lost an earring, which is something I hardly ever do. However, when it happens, it can be extremely irritating. It’s these times that have made me establish my “Lost Earring” policy: if a customer loses one earring, I will sell them a single earring instead of making them buy a whole new pair. […]

America's Cup in Venice 2012

America’s cup in Venice

Another very different view of Venice.  The America’s cup is currently being held in Venice.  Check out this video of the race – exciting sailing and incredible views.  http://www.youtube.com/americascup

IN Venice

An unusual picture of Venice

So this is a photo of Venice that you don’t see every day!  It’s just kind of cute so I had to include it and a friend of mine owns the company!  Hi Jill!

The story behind the blue necklace

It’s done! and I just had to tell it’s story.  I actually completed it and wore it to our local school fundraising gala on October 1.  I was quite glamorous. I have been wanting to try some bead embroidery since I saw a purse done by Sherry Serafini in a magazine several years ago.  The […]

Hello world!

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