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Taking care of business

Taking care of business

The business of running a handcrafted jewelry design business

My "Lost Earring" Policy

My “Lost Earring” Policy

Yesterday I lost an earring, which is something I hardly ever do. However, when it happens, it can be extremely irritating. It’s these times that have made me establish my “Lost Earring” policy: if a customer loses one earring, I will sell them a single earring instead of making them buy a whole new pair. […]

trying something new

I am exhibiting at a wholesale apparel show in the San Francisco Bay area.  This is the first time I have done this show it is a beauiful Saturday in June and so far I am thinking that everyone is out enjoying the weather.  I am told that Saturday is the slowest day so we […]


So I am back in the full swing of running my Itty Biz  as a jewelry designer/manufacturer/seller – okay yes I do it all.   I decided to post today because I have had one of those action packed do a little bit of everything kind of days and that pretty much sums up running a small […]