Alaskan wrap up

so I think I last left everyone hanging in Juneau…  so I just wanted to let you know we did make it home.  In fact we made a pit stop at home and then were off again for our annual visit to Illinois to see the grandparents.  So before everyone is back to school and the usual routines I thought I would wrap up our trip.

the stats:

we were gone for 29 days, we spent 7 in hotels, 2 on the ferry and 20 days of camping – 4 people and 1 dog in a VW camper.

we drove 8,012 miles – 1875 over the last 2 days as we were racing home.

we counted 99 VW campers on our trip.

we averaged 18.77 miles to the gallon.

Between us – 14 books were read.

We only had one minor injury and one scary adventure see 2nd attempt Good Samaritans of Juneau.

we learned how little stuff we actually need to be happy together.

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