Day of the Dogs


Today we  get a ride to a small town called Visso and we are walking from here to Preci (14km about 8.5 miles).  Our driver is quite entertaining and speaks English well so I don’t bother to practice my Italian.  He asks us what time we arrived to the hotel from the walk and when we tell him 6pm – he looks amazed.  However, he does tell us that we do not hold the record – he once had to go out at dark to locate some people that had gotten lost on the trail so at least we beat them!  We also discover that we are the first Americans that he has had come on the tour and only the second tour of the season so we are feeling kind of good about this.

Our walk today starts out pretty easy until five large dogs suddenly appear above us barking madly.  We keep going and eventually see the herd of sheep and the sheep herder stretched  out on the grass.  Fortunately he wakes up and calls the dogs off.

We climb to some beautiful views.

looking down on our path
view from Monte Lungo

Our hotel provided us with a picnic which included some nutella and some sticks to eat it directly from the container – love it!  This gave us the energy to conquer the mountain.

Now we begin heading down to the small village of Collescille.

Entering Collescille

It feels like we are sneaking in to town as we enter these small villages.  Here we see one man who begins to talk to us in Italian that I do not have the brain power to understand.  I tell him we don’t speak much Italian – he seems disappointed and refers to us as “stranghi” which is foreigners.  He is friendly about it – I am just guessing that since he is the only man we see in town maybe he would have liked some conversation.  These small towns are obviously inhabited  but we don’t see many people and never anyone under 50.This is a basketball court!  I am guessing they don't do any dribbling.

There is also quite a bit of renovation… maybe these are weekend houses?

How would you like to take on this project?

We head on out of town winding downhill enjoying the views…

We end up on a road where we can see a herd of sheep, five dogs laying in the grass along with the sheep herder.  Our instructions tell us to turn into the open field.  As soon as we step onto the grass the dogs come charging at us barking and snarling and they immediately surround us.  We stand still this time and I use my walking stick as a warning to the leader as the sheep herder starts yelling at his dogs to call them off and I am sure that I hear the word “qua” again.   Eventually they listen and we are able to proceed but not without turning back frequently to make sure they aren’t following us.

At last we arrive in a town called Borgo which is beneath the town of Preci – our destination.

Our destination is the town above, more climbing.

climbing through Preci

Preci is a small town that suffered earthquake damage in 1997 but is being restored.  Again this was a town where we did not see many inhabitants although Borgo below was pretty busy.

view from our hotel window

And this concluded 7 hours of walking.

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