Denali National Park

We had a spectacular day in Denali. We saw all kinds of animals and the weather was perfect for viewing Mt McKinley.






About 20% of the visitors to the park are able to see Mt McKinley. Most of the time it is too cloudy to get much of a view so we felt very lucky for the views.
The park is 6 million acres and there is only one road in and out of the park. They allow very limited access on the road so the way to see the park is by taking a bus tour in which is what we did. It’s nice because by being so strict about the access the animals are not afraid of the tour buses so they may come right up to the road.



They do allow people to camp in the park or to hike but they require every camper to use bear barrels to protect all of their food. This keeps the bears from being aggressive because they don’t know about human food so they don’t have any interest in humans.




We ended up seeing all knds of animals, most of which I did not photograph because they wouldn’t look that good. We saw lots of caribou, a few grizzlies, several golden eagles, a red fox, fall sheep. Those were all cool but the most awesome was a wolf that was on the side of the road munching on something and we got to see him for a while and the a lynx was walking along the road but did turn off pretty quickly. The wolf was really cool madeleine said he turned and looked right at her with his golden eyes.

It was an excellent day.

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