Driving with my lights off

I was working on this post earlier and it was just too bland – then a funny thing happened as I was driving home.  I don’t normally drive in rush hour traffic but I was on the highway and it was beginning to get dark and it’s bumper to bumper and this man pulls up next to me and starts waving his arm around at me .  So naturally I think he’s a freak or he just doesn’t like my driving so I ignore him and pull away.  Well he ends up next to me again and still he had his window down and he’s pointing at my car and waving his arm around.  Oh my gosh, what’s wrong with this weirdo, right – oh wait, he’s trying to tell me that my lights are not on!  Okay, I would have figured this out eventually, but he has saved me some grief and now he is not a weirdo, he is my friend.

And that’s what my post is about.  As a sole proprietor of a small business I am always going it alone and trying to stay focused on what needs to happen next.  And sometimes it’s a lot of things!  Especially at this time of year because I am gearing up for the holiday season. This means I am making lots of pieces some new designs but also many of my most popular items as well to get ready for upcoming shows. I am also shipping orders to my retailers such as Delaney Street Mercantile and working on my online presence at my Etsy shop.

So I’ve got lots of things going and sometimes it is hard to stay on track – kind of like driving with my lights off!  So this year I have enlisted a couple of new friends to remind me to turn on my lights and stay on track.

I have enlisted myself in Etsy’s Holiday Boot Camp and it has been great. They have a checklist every week to get ready for the holidays and then my 2 excellent buddies SSMDesigns and ThoroughlyModernMommy and I check in every week to make sure we are doing what we are supposed to do. So far as a result of boot camp I have greatly improved my photos and the look of my Etsy shop and I am up to 90 listings now.   My goal is 100 by Saturday. Almost there Woo hoo.

I have also signed up with Tara Gentile to work on merging my website and my blog so I can communicate with you in a more cohesive manner – or something like that.  The plan is that you will see how that goes by December.

So bottom line, sometimes you think you are cruising along okay but you realize that maybe you could use a little input from some outside sources to keep you on track.

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