Haines AK

We decided to take a different route home so we drove over to Haines AK which requires that you come through a portion of Canada. We had a 620 mile day of driving in order to get from Fairbanks to Haines and we discovered that they close the border at 11pm Canada time. We didn’t make it and there is nothing on the Canada side of the border there so we pulled off and camped along the side of the road. I would have taken a photo but the mosquitoes were so thick they may have carried me off into the woods.

The next day we made it to Haines. It is funny how your impression of a place depends partially on the weather and when you’re at a place for 24hours it doesn’t get much of a chance. We were basically there to catch the ferry. We had decided to take the ferry from
Haines down to Prince Rupert BC. This cuts off about 800 miles of driving plus we get some different views and a stop over in Juneau.

Haines was pretty in the rain and fog but I’m sure it’s beautiful when you can see all of the mountains.

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