It’s all about the people


I have to say taking a walking trip of a country is a fabulous way to see things that you would never see on a cruise or a bus tour or whatever.  We have had 4 days of walking for a total of  53.5 km – just over 33 miles.  I have lost track of the hours but my favorite thing to say on our 3rd day was ” It seems like we’ve been walking for days – oh we have” .  I couldn’t say that on the 4th day because I was losing my sense of humor!  Anyway this was a fabulous way to see the countryside but we kind of felt like we were missing out on the day to day culture of Italy ( and yes our feet were tired) so staying in Norcia today was a good opportunity to just enjoy the people.

We had a traditional breakfast – a cream filled croissant and a cappuccino.

streets of Norcia
traffic jam in Norcia
this is the laundromat - Maria and Clara - they liked having their picture taken- have you ever seen anyone look so happy doing laundry?
can you imagine eating like this every day?
this is a super cute baby riding on a bike with grandpa. We noticed a lot of kids with their grandparents hanging out during the day.
This is our butcher that made our lunch on Friday- Proscuito and formaggio - he said "ham and cheese?" Why is the ham'n cheese so much yummier in Italy?
outside the butcher shop
If someone has a clue what this sign means please fill me in – we could not figure it out – one hint – it was outside the post office
a peek into someones front garden
sleeping polizia

hardware store front window

Everyone in town was very friendly and it was fun going into all of the shops because most of them don’t speak English so I was forced to practice my Italian.  Most stores are tiny specialty shops – there were several specializing in truffle products since they harvest truffles in this area.  There was one store where all products were made of honey.  When we asked for a grocery store – alimentari -it was hard for us to find because it was basically a butcher shop with a wall of additional food items – not what we are used to.  Most of the time we saw the same people at the store first thing in the morning – then they close from 1-3 for lunch and then they are back at their shop again til evening – they definitely work long hours and work hard but they also enjoyed their neighboring shop owners and their customers.

flower shop
our favorite shop was always the gelateria - I don't think we managed to try every flavor though.

With all of this walking and all of the things that could have happened, there was really only one injury:my head injury I cut my head on the very short door to our balcony.  Luckily there was no outside  medical care required and we were able to make it to another fabulous dinner.

our short balcony

I have to give Lynn credit for capturing the scenes of Norcia – she has a great eye!

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