Just a little wrong turn


This will be our last day of walking – we get a ride to knock of 3.5kmso we have 13.5km ( a bit over 8 miles) to walk today.  We start out at the Abbazia di San Eutizio.

this abbazia's original buildings date back to 540 AD.It was added onto from the 10th to the 14th centuries.

We need a break:

Italian Swingers

This is another town where we don’t see a soul.

shrine in the little village
ruins just outside of the village - no one lives here - yet.

This is where our trouble began:

the unnecessary climb

I was so busy looking at the path and dreading the climb uphill that I didn’t notice a vague marker off to my right.  So we started heading up this hill. Finally I knew  we weren’t on the right path but we did get some nice views.

beautiful view
this is a view of Collescille and the tower that we walked through yesterday.

And then we climbed back down.

Fortunately Lynn & I are good friends because we both agreed that if we were with our significant others we would have been fighting at this point and probably a few others before this!

heading to Campi

Campi was a larger town where we saw a few people but it was a hot lazy afternoon for the locals.  We did get to see a school bus.

school bus

We also picked up another dog – we named this one Guisepe.

Guisepe did not stay with us for very long.
castle ruins

This was a day of long beautiful views.

this is where we came from

Another small town – this is where I got totally confused about how far we had come and how far we still had to go.   I kept trying to calculate how far we had to go but was trying to subtract the miles we cut off by getting a ride. Lynn just played along with me- she knew I would figure it out eventually.  In my defense – it is frustrating not really having a concept of the distance of 300 meters or 1km and my brain keeps trying to think of ways to say things in Italian and I’m a bit punchy.

Finally we could see our destination: Norcia.

spotting our destination

Look  – it’s the suburbs.

outside the walls of Norcia - the suburbs

The old part of Norcia is surrounded by a wall and people actually live in the wall.  I thought Americans were into preservation.  In Italy we are constantly seeing where someone is renovating or has renovated theseancient dilapidated  structures and converted them to living spaces and they will be right next door to something that has no roof and broken windows and looks downright dangerous.  Maybe that’s why we never see kids in these towns !

the walls of Norcia

Many of the towns that we walked through all week had public water fountains where you could fill your water bottles and the water is always running.

Public water fountain

As we walk into the town of Norcia, I feel like people are giving us strange looks.  Maybe it’s our walking sticks, our hats, our hiking boots our Americanism and our exhaustion.

coming into Norcia centro

At last we reached our hotel where they asked us whether we wanted to walk to our destination tomorrow and get a ride back or vice versa.  We said – “we aren’t walking tomorrow – we are done.”  When we got to our room – I looked in the mirror my face was white and my lips had no color – yes we are done!

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