La Dolce Vita Tour 2010

As I write here I feel like I am just writing in my journal so I want to explain what brought about the trip I am referring to as “La Dolce Vita Tour 2010“.

I made the plan to take this trip about 1 year ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  There is nothing like a little cancer to kick you in the pants to get started on that bucket list.  I was lucky because my cancer was detected very early.  Although at the time I certainly did not feel lucky.  I was 43, I had no family history, I eat well, I exercise, I am and was in great health so “Why me?“.  Going through the diagnosis process and then finally the treatment seemed at the time like it would never end.  But it is amazing how going through that process changes your perspective and even though I tend to think of last year as somewhat lost – I did a lot of good stuff – I did the Big Sur Marathon, I hiked Half Dome with my 13 year old daughter

at the top of Half Dome
We did it!

I did things I never had time for before, saw one of my favorite writers – David Sedaris, rode horses on the beach,  had a great visit with my mom when she came to help me, I realized how fabulous my friends really are, I danced with, cried with and generally relied on my husband more than ever and I was open, honest and straightforward with my kids.

In my heart, I will take everyone to Italy to celebrate my sweet life and I will continue to work on that Bucket List!

2 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita Tour 2010”

  1. Hi Angela,
    Congrats on your new blog. Your beads are BEAUTIFUL! I’ll be sure to heart you on Etsy and fan you on Facebook.

    Funny how your story resonated with me…I survived breast cancer at age 41 and I, too, had no risk factors. Getting out of corporate life and doing my art/craft thing has been #1 on my bucket list. Five years after cancer, I am finally doing it.

    So glad I “met” you via Conrad Walton’s SEO blog!

    1. Wow – isn’t that crazy! I wasn’t expecting anyone to read my blog yet but I’m glad you did. and I am so glad to hear you are pursuing your dreams. I will also check you out on Etsy.


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