Lost in Canada

So we aren’t really lost – just wandering across the very vast lands of Canada. We have had lots of math fun.trying to convert kilometers to miles, meters to feet, and even grams to pounds. Fortunately the exchange rate is pretty much equal and they take American so that part is easy.



20110710-084050.jpga couple of funny things so far.

A sign that says speed limit 50km when children on highway.

In this tiny town that is basically two gas stations a campsite and a restaurant they sell a tshirt that says “we don’t have a town drunk we just take turns. ”



Last night we camped in the Walmart parking lot because we can and it’s just part of the adventure.

We are now traveling on the Alaska Highway. We have driven about 2900 miles, we have seen 42 VW Campers and we are all still getting along and having fun.

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