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Red Houses in Venice by Ashleigh Hodges


I recently had a friend ask me “What’s the big deal with Pinterest?”  So I was explaining to her what I like about it which is basically that it is a great way to collect images in one place, which is fabulous for anyone who is a “visual” type.  I have a few of the standard boards that they suggest when you sign up and a couple that I have added.  But definitely my favorite board is Scenes of Venice.  I find these images to be inspirational and at the same time very calming.  I love the way that the light and the buildings reflect off of the water.  To capture these moments in a photograph is amazing and makes me feel like I am right there.  I wanted to share one of my favorite photographs above by Ashleigh Hodges from her Etsy shop.

I hope you find inspiration today.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Pinterest Board”

  1. Thanks Angela! How can one not be inspired? With a menagerie of color, getting lost in the maze of alleys, the cacophony of Italian conversations, laundry hanging from flower laden windows, and vibrant blown glass…. Venice is not only beautiful but, definitely inspirational as well. Happy Travels!

  2. Thank you for sharing Angela. That is a gorgeous picture of Venice.

    I really like the pictures on that pinterest link. I wanted to let you know – you need to fix the links to them in your post. It took me a few times, but I figured it out and just wanted to reach out and let you know!

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