My pep talk to show newbies.

Dolce Beada outdoor booth photo

‘Tis the season!

I know many of you may be doing your first ever Art or Craft show and I just thought I would share a few tips and thoughts I have for you.  (it’s the mother in me!)

BE Confident!  You know your product and you believe in it – share that with your customers.  One of the first few shows I did, a customer muttered under her breath that my prices are high and you can buy these beads at Michael’s and do this yourself.  This was an ah-hah moment.  I realized that my customers were not familiar with Venetian glass beads and therefore did not see the value in them.  I learned that I needed to educate my customers on what sets Venetian glass apart and now I hear, “oh, these are very reasonably priced.”

BE Flexible!  Things happen at shows – sometimes your set up is not exactly what you had envisioned.  Sometimes you forget something.  Maybe the weather is not cooperating.  I try to have a couple of different options for my setup.  I also highly recommend velcro, fishing line and duct tape.   These things have saved me on many occasions.  Also – don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors if you can borrow something – we’ve all had days where we forgot a mirror.  It’s okay to ask.  And that brings me to my last point…

BE Happy!  Even if you are not having the best day – pretend to be happy.  The attitude and energy of the show are set by those in attendance.   If you have your arms crossed or you’re bored and you don’t engage your customers, they pick up on that.  If you complain to your neighbor about your bad sales – it brings their attitude down.  So stay positive and always HAVE FUN!

Best of Luck!

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