Inspired by Nature

“I did not know that places existed where the very landscape could shape so much of the life in and around it or that people could be so much a part of their environment or carry it within. ”  I just read this on a photographer’s profile page on Etsy and just felt the need to share.  Feel free to check him out here.

Our family has been fortunate enough to do a fair amount of travel – most recently to Kauai where the environment is so obviously a part of one’s life.  You can feel that “live Aloha” attitude in the rhythm of the day and it is so easy to adapt to that feeling while vacationing there.

Napali Coast hike
Hiking on the Kalalau trail

When we traveled last year through Canada and then on to Alaska, this was one of the things that truly stood out to me.  Perhaps because we traveled such a long distance or through such varying landscapes.  We experienced everything from the city atmosphere of Vancouver to the Calgary Stampede to the vast stretches of land in the Yukon to the fishing villages and wildlife of Alaska.  It was especially evident that the environment shaped it’s people in these areas where the people had to adapt in order to thrive.

Fishing excursion in Seward Alaska









Artist’s often state that they are inspired by nature but they are not the only ones.  We are all inspired by nature and by our environments and by the people around us.  It is easy to find that when we travel but my hope is that you will find your inspiration daily in the space you call home.  Thank you to Nicolas for this beautiful reminder.

My Favorite Pinterest Board

Red Houses in Venice by Ashleigh Hodges


I recently had a friend ask me “What’s the big deal with Pinterest?”  So I was explaining to her what I like about it which is basically that it is a great way to collect images in one place, which is fabulous for anyone who is a “visual” type.  I have a few of the standard boards that they suggest when you sign up and a couple that I have added.  But definitely my favorite board is Scenes of Venice.  I find these images to be inspirational and at the same time very calming.  I love the way that the light and the buildings reflect off of the water.  To capture these moments in a photograph is amazing and makes me feel like I am right there.  I wanted to share one of my favorite photographs above by Ashleigh Hodges from her Etsy shop.

I hope you find inspiration today.