The Alaska Highway

By the time we actually reach Alaska, I understand why they sell T-shirts that say “I survived the Alaska Highway ”

The last 200 miles before you get to Alaska, you really have to earn it. It is obvious that keeping the road up is a constant battle. There are several road crews along the way, a couple where they even have a lead car that escorts you as you go because it is so bad in some spots. The spots they are not working on but are really bad they have marked with an orange flag then when you drive through that section it’s like being on the Indiana jones ride at Disneyland except you have to do the driving. The kids enjoyed it ad we watched there heads bobbing up and down in the rearview mirror

The drive is reminiscent of a wagon train. You see the same people all day long as you take turns passing each other, stopping in various spots along the way and waiting in line at the construction stops. We’ve met several bikers making the trip, a European couple on a yearlong motorcycle trek across America – they started in New York. We met some guys at the entrance to Alaska that had come up from Texas. My throat was sore from having breathed in so much dust along the way. I can’t imagine how those guys felt!

Betty White now has a broken headlight and I am sure a few nicks in her paint but “we survived the Alaska Highway!”










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