the first walk

Our first walk is a 9km (about 5.5 miles) loop that according to our tour company is supposed to take 3 hours.  We  booked our trip through a company based in the UK- Inntravel (they were totally fabulous and I would definitely recommend them but see my *note below) –  we chose the “moderate” level for our walk.

we were so naive

The first part of our ‘walk’ was like climbing the rock steps up to Half Dome.   We finally arrived at a lovely small hotel where people were enjoying a nice lunch and we came in all sweaty wearing our hiking clothes to see if we could buy some orange juice to go.  It seemed to confuse the waitress and took quite a while.  Finally we got our orange juice and left and walked about 75 feet down the hill and found a refreshment stand in a park where we could have easily gotten what we were looking for.scooters at the hotel

On with the walk  This was the day that according to our instructions “we had to follow the directions carefully to avoid unfriendly dogs” – we did manage to do this with no problem – we didn’t even hear a dog but we did get scared by a donkey suddenly braying so loudly we almost fell down the mountainside.

We also went through a small cave bat cave

At last we began going back down hill.  It was nice and steep and there was lots of loose gravel so it was really fun!

5.5 hours later we finally saw Spoleto again!

At Last ... the Beautiful Spoleto!

*note – Apparently moderate walking with “some hills” means something very different to Europeans than to us wimpy Americanas!

Tomorrow we are supposed to do 17 km (10.56 miles) for 6 hours of walking….. oh boy!

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