The inside passage

We decided to take the ferry to knock off some of our drive home and also get a different view. We were able to see Juneau which was very cool. The town has 30,000 people – 15,000 of them work for the state government. They are only accessible by boat as they are surrounded by mountains. When we were in town there were 6 gigantic cruise ships in town. this was definitely the most touristy place we visited.

Our other stops on the ferry were very brief. We basically got off to take Chilli for a walk and get a little exercise ourselves. But it was fun seeing the small towns where basically everyone fishes.





We did have rainy weather for our whole trip so we could not see a lot when we were out on the water but it was still pretty a nice to see these small communities.

We got off the ferry at about 2:30am (that was kind of rude) at Prince Rupert BC Canada back on the road with Betty Only 1800 miles away from home.

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