The story behind the blue necklace

It’s done! and I just had to tell it’s story.  I actually completed it and wore it to our local school fundraising gala on October 1.  I was quite glamorous.

I have been wanting to try some bead embroidery since I saw a purse done by Sherry Serafini in a magazine several years ago.  The one with the skulls – but they are all so amazing.  Check out her handbag page and be prepared to ooh and ahhh.

The opportunity to try some bead embroidery presented itself when I came across the large Venetian disc which had a chip in the edge.:-( Because of the chip in the glass I could not use it in my usual pendants but I had hung onto it because I hate to waste ANYTHING.  With bead embroidery you glue the cabachon or bead onto a backing and then bead around it so the chip would be completely covered.  Perfect solution!

So my plan was to make a bracelet but as always happens when you start on these things, they begin to take on a life of their own.  I found a peyote stitch pattern from a necklace entitled Pearly Mosaic by Lisa Kan which I modified for the circular links surrounding silver foil venetian glass beads.  I did not want to take these all the way to the back of the necklace so I made up a chain pattern again by modifying the original Lisa Kan necklace.

work in progress


I began this project in June (and we were in Alaska for the entire month of July) and I worked on it sporadically partly because I was trying to decide how to proceed, partly because it was all new techniques for me so there was a learning curve.  Even though I kept the bead embroidery portion pretty simple it was a great project to get started on.  I have already completed my 2nd bead embroidery project which I will post soon.

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