The tour begins…

So even tho I am writing after the fact, I must account for the fabulous trip from which I have just returned.  I wrote in my journal each day so from my notes…


After 14 hours in a plane, 2 hrs on 2 trains and some time in between there figuring out where said trains were, we arrived in Spoleto.  It is a lively small town with very friendly people – quite lovely.

Dolce Vita Tour 2010 Spoleto
night scene in Spoleto

Of course we were exhausted but we went to grab a panino at a local cafe (we had many panini as well as gellati) so we are sitting outside and we begin talking with a man who offers to drive us so we don’t have to walk, we can stay in one of his 15 apartments if we would like and by the way are we contemplating divorce at all?  they do move fast in italy.

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