There is no w in Italian!


So far we have been able to email our friends and family to let them know we haven’t wandered off the path or run off with some Italian man.  The keyboards are set up a little differently so the punctuation takes a bit longer.  In our remote hotels, our hosts let us use their own computers as is the case in Preci.   So we sit down to begin typing an email home and notice that the w key has been completely removed from the computer – there is no w in the Italian alphabet! How do you write an email home when your basic subject includes: we walked and you are a bit loopy because you are tired.  Here’s how I managed:

hi everyone i am missing some letters and the keys are in interesting spots on the keyboard so i may abbreviate here.  lynn /& i arrived in Preci today.  our hike as 14km today it easier than our hike before but more high desert landscape not as pretty for the hike but the sights are tremendous.  once us got to Preci I had to climb some major stairs up to the city and the hole city is stairs because it is built on a hillside.  I did not run into many locals today just 2 seperate sheep herders con many barking scary dogs but they called them off and then i see one man in the village of Collescille but i think hes disappointed that i dont speak italian.  i look future to let you see our pictures.  tomorro is about 13 km on to Norcia.
on our trip to the drop off this morning our guide told us that you 2 are the first americans on this trip con Inntravel and us2 are only the second tour this year also us 2 did not get the prize for sloest but close.

love and hugs and arrivaderci


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