I have a confes…

Venice night
By Kuster & Wildhaber Photography

I have a confession to make and I feel very ashamed.  When I first visited Venice, I couldn’t wait to leave it behind.  I know, I hear the collective gasping of air.  As our train pulled in I loved it because it is an amazing sight – a city built on water.  But once we got there I guess it was too much for me.  The water was dark and smelly, we were constantly getting lost in the maze of “streets”, our hotel room was crazy tiny and the food was sooo expensive and not even very tasty.  This was not meeting my expectation of “the city of Romance”.

Fast forward about 20 years.



The last time I was in Venice, I didn’t want to leave.  And I am trying to figure out how this happened.  In those 20 years have I gained a new sense of adventure?  A greater level of patience?  Perhaps a less rigid expectation?  Definitely an appreciation of some alone time with my husband!  But visiting Venice now that maze of “streets” calls me into its’ mystery.  Every bridge and every building connect me to the traditions of the ancient city.  The tales of the ebb and flow of the water and their affects on the lives of the Venetians beg me to listen.  Now it is a city of Enchantment.  A place that beckons me to return again and again.

Do you have a city of Enchantment?