Venetian glass and seed bead earrings – project #2

  Okay, I think I have found my new hobby – not that I have time for a hobby ;-).  This pair of earrings was project #2 in my bead embroidery exploration.  This technique is so much fun!  It is very free form and you just kind of go where it takes you.

I started with a Venetian bead cabachon that I glued down to the backing and then did a peyote stitch around it to “secure” it.  From that point it just becomes a matter of choosing various size beads and finding a pattern that is pleasing to the eye.  I love the varying texture that comes from the different beads.  A fish hook style earwire is attached to the back and then covered in ultrasuede making the whole backing very neat.

I think I enjoy this technique so much because it is basically hand sewing beads and reminds me of quilting.  My first job was in a small quilting shop and all of my great grandmothers were prolific quilters. This pair of earrings probably took me about 6-7 hours!  I completed them in a couple of very late nights while my husband was out of town.

Stay tuned for my next endeavor!

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